The main objective of ONAD-PAN Education and Prevention Program is to provide anti-doping information that can be useful for the athletes’ life development. Another objective is to preserve respect, health, honor, dedication and hardwork among athletes through an education program based in values, that is accessible for all Panamanians.

Education and prevention are really important, and the world of sports is no exemption. In ONAD PAN we believe that.

  • An athletes first anti-doping experience should be with Anti-doping education and not in a doping control.
  • All athletes start clean in their respective sports and most of them continue that way. That is why there are stablished programs to keep it that way.
  • All international athletes must receive anti-doping education before going overseas.
  • Educative programs must consider cultural and sport context of the place where they will be implemented.

In the education section you can also find.

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